From curtain sided trucks all the way to heavy haulage

Because size is relevant in this business, the Tirolean transport pros in local and long-distance transport have also been relying on curtain sided trucks with great meticulousness since 2004. Friendliness combined with competency and punctuality is what distinguishes our team and makes HEAVYTEAM a highly reliable partner among business partners. For specialised transports as well as in the curtain sided truck business, the forwarding pros from Kufstein are on the move not just within the entire EU, but also in Eastern and Northern Europe and in the Balkans for their customers. In the meantime, more than 20,000 (!) shipments per year are organised from Kufstein to the utmost satisfaction of the customers served.

Specialised transports are and remain – nomen est omen – a favourite discipline of the Kufstein forwarding agency HEAVYTEAM. On the one hand, this is because the company was founded almost 20 years ago with precisely this focus and demonstrably grew into highly recognised experts in the industry; on the other hand, the operations room in Endach is happy to receive such assignments, because they can never be processed in accordance with plan F and thus always present a special challenge.

Tirolean haulage specialists

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